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Welcome to the Engagement Strategies Knowledge Center.  Here you will find case studies on the work we’ve done for both current and past clients to help you understand the services we provide and the results we get.

High employee engagement gives a home entertainment company the competitive edge

Following a 2008 employee survey, our client identified a need to improve employee engagement in a key territory. We were retained to improve engagement in this critically important country. Our first step was to deploy an updated and enhanced survey that provided a deeper and more accurate understanding of the issues and challenges that needed to be addressed to improve the organizational dynamic. Based on these findings we implemented a formal communication program, built a leadership development program and developed Work Streams (employee-led teams empowered to identify issues and lead change) that overcame many traditional and bureaucratic obstacles while involving all staff in the solution. We also created Personal Action Plans for key managers that reshaped thinking and ensured accountability. Find out how our work impacted engagement.

Transforming a critical division of the world’s largest biotech company

With new executive leadership and challenged with preparing for a multi-year phase of explosive growth, our client initiated a major restructuring program.  It was quickly realized that a strategic change communications program was needed to ensure success. Our team also recognized the need for a clearer understanding of the awareness, understanding and perception among employees about the change. Read about what we did and how it impacted this organization.

Building employee communications into the world’s largest gaming company

The merger between two of the biggest players in the gaming industry resulted in the world’s largest gaming company and needed a strategic, integrated and consistent approach to employee communications. Engagement Strategies was retained to plan and implement a series of integration communications to support the efforts of the organization.  This included specialized messages, newsletters and employee meetings in order to ensure that employees understood the unified direction of the company.  The merger also led to various department consolidations which resulted in reductions of the workforce in various areas of the company.  Engagement Strategies provided strategic counsel to executives on the most effective approach to communicating these changes to those affected as well as the employees who remained on staff.  Learn more about what we did at this company.

Creating alignment with corporate strategy at a Silicon Valley institution

In 2009, a venerable Silicon Valley semiconductor company was preparing to celebrate its 25-year anniversary while working through a recent transition to new leadership, defining a refreshed brand and outlining a new strategy to position the company for success over the next 25 years.  It became clear that there was a need to enhance employee engagement and communications activities to ensure employees were informed about business changes and were motivated to support the company’s leadership in reaching its goals. Find out what we did and the results of our partnership with this client.