Ensuring Employees Ignore You: A Leader’s Guide

by admin on August 23, 2010

A real quote from a real CEO of a Fortune ranked company: “Don’t field an employee survey—we may need to do something.”

You’re doing a great job already of alienating everyone. Here’s how to finish the job:

1. Presume you’re right.
2. Don’t listen.
3. Don’t investigate.
4. Establish more teams and committees.
5. Launch a new initiative to mitigate the failure of the prior initiative.
6. Assume “cascading” will work or that your memo was read.
7. Blame someone else (preferably a large group critical to your success).
8. Ignore reality when the data contradicts your established position.
9. “Spin.”
10. Hire a consultant. (Just kidding, this actually works.)

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