23 Signs of an Employee Engagement Issue

by admin on August 23, 2010

Certain types of comments overhead throughout a company are red-light indicators that the organization has an employee engagement issue. Have you heard any of these recently at your workplace?

From senior executives: 

  • Nobody seems to understand where we’re going or why.
  • This merger <or change effort, acquisition, buy-out, restructuring, etc.> is not going well.
  • My people just don’t get it.
  • I sent out the memo and still nothing has changed.
  • Employees just don’t seem to care.
  • The old ways are not working anymore.
  • We keep losing our best people.
  • I’m new to this position and have lots of ideas to make things better.

From functional managers:

  • My boss keeps pushing me to improve my team’s performance.
  • We’re not integrating this new technology.
  • It’s really hard to recruit top talent.
  • Overtime is taking us way over budget.
  • Nothing gets done.
  • Morale is really bad.

From employees:

  • There are so many rumors, and no one knows what’s really going on.
  • This used to be a great place to work.
  • This was once a great company (or division/team).
  • Why are we doing this?
  • What’s in this for me?
  • I’m sick and tired of all the changes.
  • Management doesn’t walk the talk.
  • Work-life balance — what a joke!
  • Who can I trust?

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