An engaged employee population is a strategic asset that enables organizations to inspire and mobilize their people to achieve specific business objectives.

Engaged employees are motivated to succeed, take pride in their organization, are committed to the success of the enterprise and are extraordinarily persuasive brand advocates. Companies with engaged employees reach their corporate goals faster, have lower customer attrition rates, higher stock prices, increased productivity and more revenue & profit per employee.

Engagement Strategies Inc. helps organizations realize critical business goals by measurably increasing employee engagement. We achieve this with customized solutions that are grounded in relevant, timely and compelling leadership and communications initiatives.

Since 2005 Engagement Strategies has partnered with some of the world’s leading brands to generate meaningful business results such as:

  • Increasing employee engagement by an average of 50%
  • Reducing voluntary employee attrition by 14%
  • Increasing workforce alignment around corporate initiatives by 35%
  • Enhancing leadership communications effectiveness by 57%
  • Positively impacting the annual bottomline by $3.5 million